Branching development workflow model with git-flow

Thu, 28.10.2010 git, git-flow, workflow, branching, document

When developing agile, there are some tools which help the advised programmer. One of them is git-flow. This sh script was created by Vincent Driessen (nvie) after the development model described on his very instructive post on git branching. He even released (with a CC-BY-SA license) a beautiful PDF graphic showing the whole work flow.

If you follow along the comments on his blog entry, many people were concerned that he did not depict support branches, a fairly common pattern (albeit not so much in web development). Xiong Changnian went as far as making an expanded SVG version of nvie’s graphic, which I subsequently decided to retouch and improve on stylishness, and share it with you. So here it is in all its A4 magnificence:

Branching development workflow
(Click on the image to get the SVG version)

I also changed the name of the branches to make them more Railish. So, print it, share it, or correct it, either personally or dropping me a comment.